Smart travel makes your life better

Sitech independently develops the D.OS 2.0 intelligent interconnection system, which is integrated into life scenes, and provides an integrated travel intelligent experience from the cloud through physical links and data transmission and calculation


D·OS 2.0 gives vehicles the ability to socialize and serve scenes in the intelligent functions of bicycles

Vehicle Intelligence System


Intelligent voice assistant

Humanized voice control interactive assistant "TEDDY", multi-frequency voice interaction close to natural voice, makes shopping, navigation, music, temperature adjustment and other commands in the mall more smoothly, realizes the intelligent communication between people and cars, and makes driving safer and easier.


New car machine UI interface

Self-designed cool, technologically-sensing UI interface of the car machine is more in line with user operating habits and driving experience.

Music and audiobooks

Learn the owner's listening preferences, accurately recommend exclusive personalized content, integrate listening partners with 100,000+ high-quality songs, major mainstream radio stations, and millions of audiobook resources to meet your needs as much as possible.


Fan you exclusive chat tool

"Fanchat" is a communication tool specially created for new fans. It opens up communication channels between cars. For example, you can find nearby friends and greet friends while driving.


Social Mall

D·OS 2.0 strives to build a social mall: The car-machine-side mall covers all aspects of convenient life such as new and special products, services, and virtual goods. You can easily complete shopping through voice commands.


Remote OTA upgrade

Remote OTA online upgrade, which regularly upgrades the entire vehicle including instrumentation, TBOX, multimedia system, BCM and VCU, etc. for specific vehicles or all vehicles. Vehicle owners can also decide whether to upgrade according to the upgrade content. The upgrade method is more flexible and free.