Let us work together to share a smart future and share the world

We care about your riding experience and your feelings about technology, a new and special tomorrow's smart electric vehicle ecology -this is "Sitech"



SITECH relying on a brand-new business model, integrating a brand-new business model, and integrating global high-tech, and will become the strongest challenger to new carmakers


Innovate differentiated business models and develop smart electric vehicle products for the entire system platform. Sitech will work with you to share the future smart car world.

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The unicorn is a business card of glory, and it also means responsibility and responsibility. Sitech breaks the puzzle with innovation takes responsibility as its own responsibility, and is committed to creating a global electric and intelligent travel ecology.

Cedric Allemann , Chief Designer of Sitech

The design inspiration of Sitech LOGO comes from flying birds with spreading wings, controllable boomerangs, and ergonomically designed seats with balanced angles. The combination of the arrow shape of the forward Mercedes-Benz and the streamlined arc has both energetic dynamics and rounded comfort; it expresses the new generation of electric vehicle design concepts advocated by Xinte Automobile: simple, close and pleasant.

The new LOGO is also like a flying machine flying into the future, meaning that the future travel tool may not only be a car, it symbolizes the imagination of future travel and a longer-term corporate layout.



Healthier travel concept, wider travel radius



A smart system that knows your habits and grows with you



Born to share to create a true future sharing model


we believe

We will be the new standard