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        Tips for maintaining the longevity of drag chain cables

        Drag chain cable plays a very important role in all kinds of modern production, but the short service life and broken core of drag chain cable is a headache. In view of these problems, I summarized some problems according to some experience and data. I hope I can help you with this problem.

        1: Installation of drag chain cable

        The installation of drag chain cable is very important, but many have not been done. Drag chain cables have to go through a series of index tests before leaving the factory. I believe there will be no major quality problems. If there are various quality problems during use, we should first find our own reasons. Therefore, the installation method determines the service life of the drag chain cable in a sense Next, let's look at the correct installation method.

        1. Since the drag chain cable is a combination of structure drag chain and cable, it is necessary to pay attention to some specific properties of the cable during installation. For example, if the bending and torsion resistance of the cable is not very good, the small half diameter of cable bending shall be controlled within this range during installation.

        2. The laying of drag chain cable shall not be twisted, which should be paid attention to during installation. If the cable is too long, it cannot be laid hastily and aggressively. It must be hung when necessary to avoid distortion.

        3. The cables shall be laid loose side by side in the drag chain and arranged separately as far as possible. They shall be separated by spacers or penetrated into the separation cavity of the support neutral. The gap between the cables in the drag chain shall be at least 10% of the cable diameter. 4. The cables in the drag chain shall not touch each other or be trapped together. 5. Both points of the cable must be fixed, or at least at the moving end of the drag chain. Generally, the distance between the moving point of the cable and the end of the drag chain shall be 20-30 times of the cable diameter. 6. Please ensure that the cable moves completely within the bending radius, that is, it cannot be forced to move. In this way, the cables can move relative to each other or with the guide device. After a period of operation, check the position of the cable. The inspection must be carried out after the push-pull movement. 7. If the drag chain breaks, its cable also needs to be replaced, because the damage caused by excessive stretching cannot be avoided

        II Broken core problem

        The broken core of the drag chain cable is not only caused by the previous installation, but also the production problem, which may be the intermediate problem of raw materials, structure and gluing. Therefore, the original quality of the drag chain cable is required. Secondly, we should keep in mind the use environment of cables. Different cables should be used in different environments, which I believe everyone knows very well.

        Therefore, the correct way and method is the key factor to ensure the service life of drag chain cable, and the experience needs to be summarized continuously in the process of use. I believe that after reading this article, I know something about the use of drag chain cable. I hope it can help you solve some basic problems.

        Time 2020-10-19