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        Common precautions for cable use

        Cable to power, machinery, aerospace The development of has played an important role, and has become the industry with the highest output in China. Therefore, cable quality, service life, safety and performance have become issues of concern. However, in practice, cable quality is not the main method to ensure safety, and cable installation and maintenance also play a major decisive factor. The following are the common precautions for the use of cables:

        1. The connecting bolts at the cable connection shall be tightly linked

        2. When installing the cable, the connection phase color of the cable shall not be linked incorrectly

        3. When connecting cables, the link marks at both ends shall be completely consistent

        4. The twist radius of the cable should be greater than the radius of curvature

        5. It is forbidden to use the cable with mechanical damage, and it is not allowed to walk on the cable

        6. Cables shall not be placed in places containing acid, alkali and high corrosivity (unless under special circumstances)

        7. Pay attention to waterproof when connecting cables and plug-ins. It is forbidden to clean any electrical equipment with water

        8. When removing the cable, do not drag the cable vigorously, which will easily lead to cable damage and external link falling off.

        9. When connecting the cable, pay attention to check the insulation between the cable and the motor, but it is forbidden to test the insulation after connecting the cable to the inverter module

        10. It is forbidden to plug and unplug plug-ins with power

        11. The cable installation under different conditions shall be completed according to the corresponding regulations and operating procedures, including later maintenance and management.

        Time 2020-10-19