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        Skillfully using methods, lengthening the service life of drag chain cable is not a dream!

        Drag chain cables are used more and more widely, but it also brings many troubles to many enterprises. For example, due to improper installation, the service life of the whole cable is reduced; There will be some performance deficiencies in the whole use process; Even the cable will be broken due to the influence of work. If there is no problem with the quality of the drag chain cable, the reason for the above problems is probably due to improper installation and operation. In order to solve some unnecessary troubles for the enterprise, I have collected some data and my own views here, hoping to be helpful to you.

        1: Installation method of drag chain cable

        1. The laying of drag chain cable shall not be twisted, that is, the cable shall not be untied from one end of the cable drum or cable reel, but the drum or cable reel shall be rotated first to unfold the cable, and the cable can be unfolded or hung if necessary. The cable used in this occasion can only be obtained directly from the cable coil.

        2. Pay attention to the small bending radius of the cable. (relevant information can be found in the selection table of flexible drag chain cable).

        3. The cables shall be loosely laid side by side in the drag chain, arranged separately as far as possible, separated by spacers or penetrated into the separation cavity of the support neutral. The gap between the cables in the drag chain shall be at least 10% of the cable diameter.

        4. The cables in the drag chain shall not touch each other or be trapped together.

        5. Both points of the cable must be fixed, or at least at the moving end of the drag chain. Generally, the distance between the moving point of the cable and the end of the drag chain shall be 20-30 times of the cable diameter.

        6. Please ensure that the cable moves completely within the bending radius, that is, it cannot be forced to move. In this way, the cables can move relative to each other or with the guide device. After a period of operation, check the position of the cable. The inspection must be carried out after the push-pull movement.

        7. If the drag chain breaks, its cable also needs to be replaced, because the damage caused by excessive stretching cannot be avoided.

        2: Use method of towing cable

        1. Understand the performance of drag chain cable, adapt to the environment and its characteristics, analyze its structure and master the mechanical characteristics. Only by understanding can it be used properly

        2. During transportation, cables shall be placed in a dry and corrosive environment to prevent exposure. These factors shall also be considered in the placement position of cables

        3. During the installation process, scientific installation methods shall be used to ensure the reasonable docking of each position. At the same time, pay attention to the structure of drag chain cable. The internal structure shall not be damaged by human or machine use. If damaged, dangerous phenomena such as short circuit may occur in the process of use.

        The use of drag chain cable should be correct and reasonable, and the external protection of the cable should be achieved at the same time, so as to prolong its service life. If only relying on quality, it is difficult to meet the ideal requirements.

        Time 2020-10-19