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        Welcome to Jarno Special Cable! 中文版 | English
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        Cable packaging, transportation storage

        Cables also need to be treated correctly!


        Each cable reel shall be marked with:

        a) Manufacturer's name or trademark;

        b) Rated voltage, model and specification of cable;

        c) Cable length, m;

        d) Gross weight, kg;

        e) Date of manufacture;

        f) A symbol indicating the correct rolling direction of the cable reel;

        g) Technical specification number.

        Transportation and storage shall meet the following requirements:

        a) Cables shall not be stored in the open air, and the cable reel shall not be placed horizontally;

        b) During transportation, it is strictly prohibited to drop the cable reel with cables from high places and mechanically damage the cables;

        c) When hoisting packages, it is strictly prohibited to hoist several plates at the same time. On vehicles, ships and other means of transport, the cable reel must be placed stably and fixed with appropriate methods to prevent collision or overturning.

        Time 2020-10-19