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        Welcome to Jarno Special Cable! 中文版 | English

        Jianuo special cable (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer committed to the R & D, production, sales and service of industrial special cables. The company has advanced technology, mature technology, excellent equipment and good talents to provide customers with perfect pre-sales and after-sales services to ensure that the products are always rigorous and consistent, and can not only provide customers with high cost-effective products, Moreover, it can provide more ideal solutions for customers with special requirements for wires and cables due to different use environments and electrical characteristics.

        Our main products for customers at home and abroad include: control cable, servo power cable, servo encoder cable, signal cable, robot cable, drag chain cable, flat cable, drum cable, crane cable, floating cable, photovoltaic cable, industrial harness and customized various special cables. Several series of nearly 10000 specifications and models are widely used in automobile, logistics Handling, painting, machine tools, manipulators, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, industrial robots, laser equipment, automation equipment, port machinery, hoisting equipment and other mechanical equipment and facilities.

        The company always adheres to the purpose of "providing customers with satisfactory products and services", serves customers in good faith, and bases itself on the majority of users with good reputation and excellent quality. Kano special cable, welcome to inquire and negotiate!